The National Gremial Federation of Milk Producers of Chile, Fedeleche F.G., was founded the 20 of March of 1998, in the city of San Carlos (Eighth Region), before the increasing restlessness of the producers to structure a modern, representative gremial referring, and with specifically tied objectives to this field, since the traditional agricultural organizations had not managed to satisfy these requirements, at least at the level of the agriculturists related to the milk production. This new organization was promoted by leaders of the Associations of Milk Producers of the Central Zone, Linares, Ñuble and Araucania Region, and their efforts combined to structure this organization of national character that represented the interests of all the milkmen of the country.

In agreement with its original statutes, Fedeleche F.G. has as a goal to "develop, foment and protect in Chile the MILK production, by means of the promotion and the development of actions destined to improve the efficiency and yield of the producers and to obtain its organized participation in the definition of the policies that regulate their activity".

During its first year of operation, Fedeleche operated with a provisory Directory who headed the leader of Aproleche-IX Region, Juan Gajardo. When finalizing the management of this first Directory, Fedeleche aroused the interest of the other producing zones of milk of Chile and since 1999 it obtained a total representativeness of the milk country with the incorporation of the associations of producers of Bío-Bío, Llanquihue, Valdivia and Osorno.

From then, and under the presidency of Juan Pablo Aruta (Aproleche Bío-Bío), Fedeleche developed a series of tied actions to the institutional strenghteness, promotion of the national consumption of milky, defense of the sector before the internal and external distortions and promotion of legal norms that guarantee the development of the milk production in the long term, among others.

In April, 2001, Aruta was replaced by the Osornino leader, Fernando Becker, who only was in the position during three months soon to resign. In his replacement the representative of Valdivia was chosen, Jorge Alamos Rodriguez.

For the fulfillment of his objectives and tasks, the Directory headed by Alamos has designed a organizacional structure composed by a Management of Support to the management of the Directory, a responsible Technical Department to analyze the behavior of the sector at national and international level, and a Department of Communications that execute the actions of diffusion and promotion of the gremial task of the federation at internal and external level.

On the matter, it is possible to emphasize that the semimonthly edition of the Infoleche publication, magazine that from the foundation of Fedeleche the gremial task gathers and it spreads it between the bases of producers of the country.